Your Every Movement

Graphite on Paper


Using the imagery of swimmers, this drawing series refers to the similarities of being in water and being in love: the experience of being submerged, immersed, or surrounded, of floating and sinking. With its hydraulic properties, water does not compress as air does. A movement underwater persists; submerged in a lake, I feel the swoop of someone else’s hand though we may be some distance from each other. In love, be it romantic, platonic, or familial, we discover ourselves surrounded, our movements affected by others and ours affecting theirs, often willing to risk ourselves for our loved ones. In these various loves, I float, sink, lose my sense of gravity, feel the movements, every movement, of my loved ones. The nature of love, like the nature of water, shifts. Enmeshed in this sentiment simultaneously exists the beauty, the sacrifice, the embrace, and the danger of drowning.