Paper Circle, Nelsonvile, OH

The works in this exhibition consist of prints, drawings, and paintings on paper that refer to water and/or incorporate images of people in water as a means to explore human relationships and communication.

Many times, although we may put forth great effort to connect with one another, we fall short. And oftentimes, we feel the energy or actions of a loved one even if that person is not in close proximity. These instances of connection without complete contact interest me, as well as our repeated efforts to truly connect.

I’ve come to understand these lessons—and that our behavior acts as an extension of the natural world’s behavior—from spending time on the shores of Lake Michigan, the Atlantic Ocean, the Savannah River, and from being in many summer rains.

Our communion with, our understandings of, and our sensitivities to each other comes in waves, keeps us in orbit around one another, and depends upon our perspectives.

Clockwise around gallery:

monotypes on cotton rag paper from Swimmers series, 2013

Shoreline, Screenprint on mulberry paper, 2013

lithographs on handmade paper from Swimmers series, 2012

Mixed-media works from the series Lessons from Lakes, Oceans, Rivers, Rain
all pieces from this series are created with O-Gami papers handmade at Paper Circle, 2013

"Wavelengths," gallery view"Wavelengths," gallery view Papercircle, Nelsonville, OH 2013 "Wavelengths" installation view 1"Wavelengths" installation view 1 "Swimmers" series and "Shoreline" "Wavelengths" installation view 2"Wavelengths" installation view 2 "Swimmers" and "Lessons from Lakes"