The Giving Withdrawing

on-going series

graphite on paper

In this series I build up the page’s surface through writing phrases often used in love letters or stories. As I write statements such as “I love you” or “forever yours,” the drawing simultaneously darkens in value as the repetitive movement of my hand across the surface smudges and erases the text. The repetition of such phrases, as an attempt to express the inexpressible, functions in a similar way. As we attempt to express the depths of our loves, we lose ourselves in language, both saying and never quite saying how we feel.

The Giving Withdrawing seriesThe Giving Withdrawing series   detaildetail   I love you III love you II 30" x 22" forever/fleetingforever/fleeting 22.5" x 15" I love you II (detail)I love you II (detail)   I love you (detail)I love you (detail)   forever/fleeting (detail)forever/fleeting (detail)