Public Art Commission
Park City Library, Park City, UT

Housed in the entrance to the Park City Library, Surroundings is a site-specific work that involves the collaboration of Park City storytellers. In April of 2015, I solicited stories about Park City from people who have a connection with the town. From these stories--some handwritten by the teller, others emailed, and interviewed stories transcribed in my handwriting--my assistant and I created screenprinting stencils, and we printed mountain shapes that refer to landscape that surrounds Park City. This mountainscape, made up of the community's stories, honors the way in which community and environment influence each other as well as the role of a library as a place for learning and sharing.

The final work is comprised of 8 screenprinted panels mounted on the wall and dozens of aluminum discs that hang before the panels. The discs reflect light and cast shadows onto the panels, referring to the area's dramatic weather and its silver-mining history.

Scroll down to see images of the work, the space, library goers, and details of the printed stories.

For images and narratives of the process, please go to the project's facebook page: Please Tell Me A Story About or the project's blog: Please Tell Me A Story About Park City.

Many thanks to the people who made this work happen!

SurroundingsSurroundings Park City Library, Park City, UT View from the outsideView from the outside Park City Library, Park City, UT Surroundings Surroundings During the library's reopening SurroundingsSurroundings a family interacts with the artwork Surroundings (detail)Surroundings (detail) text layers to create mountains Surroundings (detail)Surroundings (detail) autumnal-colored stories