Reveal Collaborative

Courtney Kessel, Natalie Tornatore, Danielle Wyckoff

As artist/collaborators, we come together to not necessarily put our individual research aside, but to fortify and highlight our commonalities through a new set of methodologies and practice. Our mixed media sculptures, drawings, and installations take shape through the multiple ways in which we understand, experience, and perceive spaces and materials: a feminist form resulting in works that engage the viewer to understand familiar actions, places, and materials through a new language, mark, or presence.

Record of Measure

mixed media installation/drawing of sound


Our separate viewpoints and audience participation converge to create a sound composition. We plotted points on the same horizon line from the vantage of the highest hill in Athens, Ohio. These points are drawn within the dimensions of a musical staff and are transferred onto specific paper for the music box. As the viewers have the opportunity to interact with the piece by hand cranking the strips through the device, they become the fourth collaborator as they set the tempo at which the sound is played. Thus, while the installation highlights the tangible object of the composition and its instrument, the sound becomes the intangible, residual notes of our vision mediated through the audience’s experience. This piece allows the translation of vision and motion into object as well as sound.

installation view detail and participation view process shot, Danielle process shot, Natalie process shot, Courtney