Reveal Collaborative

Courtney Kessel, Natalie Tornatore, Danielle Wyckoff

As artist/collaborators, we come together to not necessarily put our individual research aside, but to fortify and highlight our commonalities through a new set of methodologies and practice. Our mixed media sculptures, drawings, and installations take shape through the multiple ways in which we understand, experience, and perceive spaces and materials: a feminist form resulting in works that engage the viewer to understand familiar actions, places, and materials through a new language, mark, or presence.

Plot of Land: Scapes I, II, III

pencil, colored pencil, paper


The stenciled abstracted landscape drawings of this series are residue of our prior piece, Record of Measure; the dots of the score serve as the matrix for mark making. Each panel of the triptych highlights a facet of our interpretation of the landscape or our process of making. Scape I highlights our individual versions of the agreed-upon system; Scape II, in its grey scale, emphasizes the places where our subjective visions overlap; and Scape III refers to the process of making the physical scores as well as creates additional residue in the pile of hole-punches, with potential to be further enacted upon, displayed under it.