stories about love screenprinted in graphite on the wall, cheesecloth, red and pink salt, water, steel wire, metal chain, aluminum tape
site-responsive installation for the (RE)COMPOSE exhibition for ArtPrize 8, curated by Brianna Lynn Hernandez Baurichter
130 Ottawa, Grand Rapids, MI

Made of common materials such as cheesecloth, salt, and water, this piece pushes the materials to a transformative space in which the media becomes metaphorical. The text, screenprinted with graphite powder on the wall, includes stories about love collected from tellers along with my thoughts about love, perspective, and perception. We assume we know the pedestrian things that surround us, but events in our lives reveal meaning where we did not once detect it. Our understanding of the world, based so much on our bodily experience of it, may only ever reflect back at us that which we sense and perceive. Those things or people with whom we interact, perhaps love, affect us. Sometimes we try to keep those things or beings. Despite our efforts, we cannot hold onto those that are changing, or fickle, or mortal. We are both limited and limitless, and our existence in space and time becomes a cyclical series of seekings, returnings, reflections, and openings to the unknown.

installation viewinstallation view