Lessons from Lakes, Rivers, Oceans, Rain, Ice

handmade paper with mixed materials such as screenprinted text and images, graphite, watercolor, colored pencil, rain, salt, aluminum tape, photo transfers, and cheesecloth

The pieces from the series, Lessons from Lakes, Rivers, Oceans, Rain, Ice, consider human relationships, communication, perspective, and persistence. These pieces are also as much about the materials as they are about the ideas. My process involves responding to the unevenness of the paper formation, the way in which the media reacts to and with the paper, and how the paper reacts to the media.

In both material and idea, my focus is the give and take, the ebb and flow, the effort and response, the attempt to connect and understand. Many times, although we may put forth great effort to connect with one another, we fall short. And oftentimes, we feel the energy or actions of a loved one, even if that person is not in close contact. These instances of connection without complete contact interest me, as well as our repeated efforts to truly connect. These pieces look to oceanic vistas as well as the way rain falls.

The horizon, a line both measurable and illusory, and our perception of it, depends upon our individual eye levels. The line is a constant, formed by the illusion of the sky and sea touching, from which all things appear to emerge and recede.

I’ve come to understand these lessons—and that our behavior acts as an extension of the natural world’s behavior—from spending time on the shores of Lake Michigan, the Atlantic Ocean, the Savannah River, from being in many summer rains, from standing at the edge of a lake as mist rises around me, and from being enveloped by snow and ice.

Our communion with, our understandings of, and our sensitivities to each other comes in waves, keeps us in orbit around one another, depends upon our perspectives, and depends upon our responsiveness.

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