Kessel Wyckoff

Which Witch
Collaborative work begun in 2013 and ongoing

Through digital photography and video and through feminist frameworks, Kessel and Wyckoff explores female friendship, place, the fleeting moment, and negotiation.

The series we call Which Witch addresses the levels, limits, and language of intimate gestures. Our collaborative work investigates this intimacy between two women in friendship and in cahoots, as an alternative to the popular-culture depictions of women being in competition with one another. We use threads and strands that are physical and verbal in our drawings, photographs, and videos; present images of the two of us sensing each other’s proximity; and layer language and action in order to explore communication, perspective, and hilarity through platonic love.

Which Witch becomes a play on language and the notion that women doing things together without men must somehow be up to no good. We take on this stereotype of witchiness in contemporary times with our collaborative work and individual materials and art practices.

Below are a few images of the photographic work.

The Bund, ShanghaiThe Bund, Shanghai June '17 Rio Mapocho, Santiago, ChileRio Mapocho, Santiago, Chile Dec '16 Cottage, Mastic Beach, New York, USCottage, Mastic Beach, New York, US and Watson the cat! Jul '16 Silva-McMurray home, SantiagoSilva-McMurray home, Santiago and their lovely family. Dec '16 Storm King Center, New York, USAStorm King Center, New York, USA with piece by Alyson Shotz, Jul '16 intersection in Santiago, Chileintersection in Santiago, Chile Dec '16 Fire Island, New York, USA Fire Island, New York, USA Jul '16 Swimming Pool, Athens, OH, USASwimming Pool, Athens, OH, USA Jul '16 Big Lots, Athens, OH, USABig Lots, Athens, OH, USA Jul '16 Brushing Teeth, Shanghai, ChinaBrushing Teeth, Shanghai, China Jun '17