Collective Pressure: Mobility as Maker (Event) and Collective Pressure: Makers as Mobilizers (Presentation during panel discussion)

Event and paper presented during the 2014 bi-annual Mid America Print Council conference in Detroit, MI

KCAD Printmaking students, staff, alumni, and faculty offered a printmaking experience for conference attendees that involved collective, large-scale printing using objects or tools related to either the auto industry directly or transportation in general. Objects and tools included tires from cars, bikes, skateboards as well as gears, timing belts, lawn rollers, and a "conveyor belt" substrate powered by a dismantled bike. Through inking and using the aforementioned tools/objects, conference attendees helped create large-scale works on tyvek through either printing or making rubbings. The three-hour outdoor event focused on process, participation and collaboration, and the performative capacity of using mobility as a maker.

The presentation, co-presented by Mariel Versluis and me, in the panel discussion focused on the power of art to mobilize communities, and we looked specifically at Grand Rapids and how blighted areas are bring revitalized with art, while being conscious of the disenfranchised who live in the area. Specific examples included the Heartside area of Grand Rapids, Division Avenue, and Avenue for the Arts. The presentation focused on how as educators and community members, we as teachers can empower students to make positive change with an artistic and social focus.

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Collective PressureCollective Pressure Mobility as Maker group Mobility as MakerMobility as Maker set up of stations Conveyer belt/printing substrateConveyer belt/printing substrate powered by a repurposed bike! printing with participantsprinting with participants on the conveyer belt substrate Tent Activity!Tent Activity! screenprinting and relief printing Screenprinting stationScreenprinting station   Relief Printing stationRelief Printing station on belt/substrate made from rollers Makers as Mobilizers presentationMakers as Mobilizers presentation   Makers as MobilizersMakers as Mobilizers how public art engages communities Collective Pressure: MakersCollective Pressure: Makers mobilized!