Always, Only, Ever

handwritten stories in ink on mulberry paper, thread

This installation consists of love stories collected, recorded, and suspended. In this space, we lose ourselves in stories: while we seek out the individual and understand the distinctiveness of our loves in the particulars of others, we identify with the general narrative: our stories follow similar plots, adhere to a system; a pattern emerges.

What we think matters most is truly what matters least: The “I” and “you” of “I love you.”

This installation has been exhibited in the following:
2014 Meilidao International Arts Center, Shanghai, China
2013 Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, MI
2012 Kimball Arts Center, Park City, UT
2010 Meltem Birey Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2010 Majestic Galleries, Nelsonville, OH

Meilidao International Arts CenterMeilidao International Arts Center Shanghai, China detail in Meilidao Art Centerdetail in Meilidao Art Center   Majestic Galleries Nelsonville, OHMajestic Galleries Nelsonville, OH photo by Dennis Savage detail of a storydetail of a story photo by Dennis Savage UICA, Grand Rapids, MIUICA, Grand Rapids, MI photo by Amanda Carmer