a matter of

graphite screenprinted on wall, cheesecloth, steel tub, red salt, water
Evolution of the Artist, The Fed Galleries, Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, MI

From spending time staring at various horizons, I’ve become more aware of perception and how it is based on our individual experiences. The horizon shifts according to the eye-level of the person viewing it, yet the thing itself, the horizon, created by distance and observable by those who have sight, measurable in its ability to be observed, is not a physical thing.

This piece considers the horizon, as well as the shared experience of observing it. Marked at my eye-level, my horizon line, the masked-out line bisects screenprinted graphite text of writing that reflects, assesses, and makes broad philosophical/poetic leaps with these observations. Materials that are often considered mundane (such as salt, cheesecloth, a steel tub) take on new meaning when placed in this context: what we observe and experience in the world, how we understand our existences and make judgments, is all a matter of our individual perceptions.

a matter ofa matter of Fed Galleries, Grand Rapids, MI a matter of, detaila matter of, detail horizon line and salt stain a matter of, detaila matter of, detail steel tub and red salt bath